Search for data

There are several ways to locate data at the APDRC.

Search by discipline

Using the menu on the left hand side of our home page, click on Data. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on the data type desired (Air-sea Flux, Oceanic, Atmospheric, Terrestrial). If you are unsure, select All Datasets.  A list of datasets with links to available data servers will appear. For more information on a dataset click on the (Info icon ) to the left of the dataset name. For example, if Air-sea Flux selected, then Air-sea Flux datasets are listed and note that not all variables are available.

Search by Server Type, Data Type, Grid Type, Time Coverage, or Discipline

From the upper section of the left menu on the Data page, you are able to select datasets by type.

Server Type: All Server Types, Live Access Server (LAS), OPeNDAP, DCHART
Data Type: All Data Types, In-situ Observations, Satellite/Remote Observations, Model Results, Reanalysis Products
Grid Type All Grid Types, Gridded data (x,y,z,t), Station data, Along track, Lagragian
Time Coverage: All Time Coverages, Forecast, Near real-time, Fixed time (static), Non-static, Climatology, Paleo, No time
Discipline*: All Disciplines, Air-sea Flux, Ocean, Atmospheric, Terrestrial

*Note: Selecting by Discipline limits the variables available in the list. Choose All Disciplines or Any variables to reset to normal search option.

Search by variable

From the lower section of the left menu on the Data page, you are able to select desired climate variables. If multiple variables are selected, the datasets listed will contain all variables selected. For example, if both Salinity and Nutrients are checked:

The datasets listed will have both Salinity and Nutrients.

Search by search box

Type keyword (dataset name, variable, etc.) and click "Search APDRC".

Show the search results: