Southwest Pacific Enhanced Archive for Tropical Cyclones (SPEArTC)

Welcome to the Southwest Pacific Enhanced Archive for Tropical Cyclones (SPEArTC) Page

This page is devoted to research concerning Tropical Cyclones in the Southwest Pacific – for the purposes of this research, the area of study is south of equator to about 40° South and stretches from near French Polynesia around 120° West and then west to the Gulf of Carpentaria in Australia at 135° East longitude. This research has begun with the creation of a South Pacific Enhanced Archive of Tropical Cyclones (SPEArTC) which is freely available but for the purposes of tracking usage and being able to contact users when changes occur, I respectfully request that you please register for this dataset in the Resources section of this page.

SPEArTC dataset has been updated as of October 25, 2017, to incorporate the 2016/17 TC season's best track data.

Register/Download Update for the SPEArTC Dataset

Contact information: Howard J. Diamond, PhD (Adjunct Research Associate at Victoria University of Wellington); e-mail: