TOMS Aerosol Optical Depth Data from Nimbus7

monthly Aerosol Index from Nimbus7

Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS) data is a source of high resolution global information about the total ozone content of the atmosphere. The TOMS aerosol index is a measure of how much the wavelength dependence of backscattered UV radiation from an atmosphere containing aerosols (Mie scattering, Rayleigh scattering, and absorption) differs from that of a pure molecular atmosphere (pure Rayleigh scattering). The TOMS aerosol optical depth record covers the periods from January 1979 to April 1993 (Nimbus7-TOMS observations), and from July 1996 to December 2000 (Earth Probe TOMS measurements). These datasets are produced by the NASA/GSFC Ozone Processing Team at 380 nm for both instruments.

aerosol optical depth index and number of days per month at each grid
ZonalGlobal by 1.0 deg
MeridionalGlobal by 1.0 deg
Verticalone level  
TemporalJan 1979 to Apr 1993 by 1 month(s)
Volume89.18 Mbytes total
AcquiredMar 28, 2006
APDRC contactYongsheng Zhang