Japanese Ocean Flux Data Sets with Use of Remote Sensing Observations (J-OFURO3) V1.1

J-OFURO3 is a global satellite-derived dataset of surface flux between the atmosphere and the ocean, and physical parameters related to the flux.

Japanese Ocean Flux Data Sets with Use of Remote Sensing Observations (J-OFURO) is a research project on air-sea flux in the Earth system. They develop and provide datasets on surface heat, momentum, and freshwater fluxes over the global oceans with the exception of the sea ice areas using a lot of observational information obtained by various earth observing satellites. The third-generation dataset: J-OFURO3 has even more improvements from previous datasets.

J-OFURO3 data set provides a numerical data set of air-sea fluxes, along with relevant physical parameters including sea surface temperature, surface wind speed, and surface air specific humidity. A daily mean on 0.25 degree grids data set for 1988-2017 has been constructed.

For the purpose of scientific research, you may download and use this data freely. For other purposes including business, please contact J-OFURO before using our data using this form.

If you are using J-OFURO3 dataset for your research, please cite Tomita et al. 2018.:
An introduction to J-OFURO3, a third-generation Japanese ocean flux data set using remote-sensing observations
Authors: Hiroyuki Tomita, Tsutomu Hihara, Shin'ichiro Kako, Masahisa Kubota, Kunio Kutsuwada
Journal: Journal of Oceanography (2018)
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s10872-018-0493-x

If the findings are published in a peer-reviewed journal, they ask that you notify them via this form. Publication details received will be listed on the J-OFURO website.

Please refer to their list of known problems. The latest information about this project is available on the J-OFURO web site.

Daily, monthly, climatology HR: Humidity difference (g/kg), Temperature difference (deg. C), Surface Latent Heat Flux (W/m^2), Net long-wave radiation (W/m^2), Net heat flux (W/m^2), Surface air specific humidity (g/kg), Saturated Specific Humidity at Surface (g/kg), Surface sensible Heat Flux (W/m^2), Sea surface temperature (deg. C), Net short-wave radiation (W/m^2), Air Temperature at 10m height (deg. C), Zonal Momentum Flux (N/m^2), Meridional Momentum Flux (N/m^2), Zonal Wind Speed (m/s), Meridional Wind Speed (m/s), Surface scalar wind speed (m/s);
Zonal Global by 0.25 deg
Meridional Global by 0.25 deg
Vertical surface  
Temporal TAUX, TAUY, UWND, VWND: Jan 1991 to Dec 2017 by 1 day / 1 month
Other variables: Jan 1988 to Dec 2017 by 1 day / 1 month
Static? no
Volume Climatology:760mb; Monthly: 22Gb; Daily: ~660Gb
Server public:
Source https://j-ofuro.scc.u-tokai.ac.jp/en/ 
Acquired Feb 11, 2021
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