Climate science animations for Science on a Sphere and Magic Planet

Science On a Sphere (SOS) and Magic Planet are spherical displays that allow one to visualize global data in a natural projection.  The technology is slightly different; the SOS projects images onto the surface of a 6-foot diameter sphere while the MP projects image inside a 24-inch sphere.  Both can display animated, global images and make great educational tools that can help illustrate climate science to the general public.

At IPRC we contribute to these projects by translating our own knowledge of the climate system into animations that can be shown on the SOS and Magic Planet. We have made animations on a variety of topics, ranging from glacial cycles to ocean waves to global warming. In the past we have shown these animations on our own Magic Planet, both in the classroom and at the SOEST Open House. We have also shared our animations with other educational facilities, such as the Bishop Museum in Honolulu.

On these pages you can view our animations and download them for use on your own SOS/Magic Planet.

Contributors: Tobias Friedrich, James Potemra, Michelle Tigchelaar, Axel Timmermann.

Acknowledgement: With the support of UH School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) and a generous gift from former IPRC Executive Associate Director Lorenz Magaard, the IPRC has acquired a “Magic Planet.”

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