Paleoclimate Modeling

Axel Timmermann, Oliver Timm, Laurie Menviel, Tobias Friedrich, Shayne McGregor

The paleoclimate research activities at the IPRC under the leadership of Dr. Axel Timmermann utilize an Earth System Model of Intermediate Complexity (EMIC) to study various aspects of Earth's climate during the Late Quaternary period (Pleistocene-Holocene epoch). The research group employs the model LOVECLIM to better understand the mutual interactions among atmosphere, ocean, cryosphere, terrestrial vegetation, and the global carbon cycle on millennial and on orbital (Milankovitch) time scales. The primary research activities address the following questions:

  • What are the external factors that control glacial-interglacial cycles?
  • What feedback processes within the Earth System are involved to generate these cycles?
  • How can ice-sheets, ocean circulation, and the carbon cycle together generate globally synchronized millennial-scale climate fluctuations?

In order to get a deeper insight into the complex processes of the Earth system, the paleo-modeling group works with specifically designed experiments. Sensitivity experiments, time-slice experiments, and transient experiments with time-dependent boundary conditions have been conducted. Several data products from these simulations will be archived at the APDRC. The data are accompanied by a documentation and references to publications.

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