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Convert a Numeric Time to/from a String Time

This web page lets you convert a time value to/from an To avoid time zone and daylight savings confusion, time values in ERDDAP always use the Zulu (UTC, GMT) time zone.
Convert from to a String Time.   

Convert from to a Numeric Time in .  

Reset the form to the default values.

Or, bypass this web page and do time conversions from within a computer program, script, or web page.

Notes about the Time Converter

How ERDDAP Deals with Time


Want To Do Time Conversions from within a Computer Program, Script, or Web Page?

If you change the extension of this web page's URL from .html to .txt, ERDDAP will respond with just the text result. The "&units=..." parameter is optional. The default value is "seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z".

Percent Encoding - The parameter values in the URL (the parts after '=' signs) must be properly
percent encoded (external link): all characters other than A-Za-z0-9_-!.~'()* must be encoded as %HH,
where HH is the 2 digit hexadecimal value of the character, for example, a space becomes
%20. Characters above #127 must be converted to UTF-8 bytes, then each UTF-8 byte must
be percent encoded (ask a programmer for help). There are
web sites that percent encode and decode for you (external link).

ERDDAP, Version 1.80
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