Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclone Reanalysis 2005-2008

Western North Pacific tropical cyclone reanalyzes, 36 individual datasets from 2005 to 2008 at 10km lat/lon moving grids.

36 tropical cyclones in the Western North Pacific were reanalyzed using a combination of TC dynamic initialization and WRF three-dimensional variational (3D-Var) assimilation method (TCDI/3DVar). The domain is 1500x1500 km and it is following the center of a given tropical cyclone based on Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) best track data. Temporal frequency of the data is 6 hours during a lifetime of a given tropical cyclone.

Please note that the lat/lon coordinates are relative to the tropical storm center ( lon=0. , lat=0.)  and not related to geodetic longitudes and latitudes.  The initial storm centers are listed in the supplemental info given below.

For more information regarding the reanalysis technique please, refer to the supplement document given below, or contact the originator Dr.Tim Li at

u wind (m/s), v wind (m/s), w vertical velocity (m/s), geopotential height (m), temperature (K), relative humidity (%), Water vapor mixing ratio (kg/kg), Cloud water mixing ratio (kg/kg), Rain water mixing ratio (kg/kg), dbz reflectivity (-), temperature at 2 m (K), surface pressure (Pa), u wind at 10m (m/s), v wind at 10m (m/s), SST sea surface temperature (K), sea level pressure (hPa), maximum reflectivity dbz (-)
Zonal1500km by 10000 m
Meridional1500km by 10000 m
Vertical 21 pressure levels from 1000 hPa to 100 hPa
TemporalJan 2005 to Jan 2008 (6 hour interval during the life cycle of a TC)
Volume24 Gb
AcquiredApr 1, 2010
APDRC contact

YearTC NameAnalysis periodinitial center location
2005NESAT28MAY-11JUN153.77°E 5.53°N
HAITANG11JUL-19JUL153.47°E 21.95°N
MATSA29JUL-06AUG140.67°E 8.78°N
MAWAR18AUG-27AUG143.65°E 20.28°N
TALIM24AUG-01SEP147.52°E 14.03°N
NABI29AUG-07SEP153.77°E 14.89°N
KHANUN05SEP-11SEP140.37°E 7.89°N
SAOLA19SEP-26SEP153.77°E 20.28°N
DAMREY20SEP-27SEP124.89°E 14.89°N
LONGWANG25SEP-03OCT146.03°E 18.60°N
KIROGI01OCT-19OCT134.12°E 22.78°N
2006CHANCHU07MAY-19MAY137.39°E 8.48°N
EWINIAR29JUN-10JUL140.67°E 5.83°N
BILIS07JUL-14JUL143.05°E 9.37°N
KAEMI17JUL-26JUL151.39°E 7.30°N
PRAPIROON28JUL-05AUG129.95°E 12.29°N
MARIA03AUG-10AUG152.28°E 20.84°N
SAOMAI04AUG-12AUG150.79°E 7.30°N
WUKONG12AUG-20AUG141.26°E 20.28°N
SHANSHAN09SEP-17SEP138.29°E 13.74°N
XANGSANE25SEP-01OCT128.16°E 11.42°N
SOULIK10OCT-16OCT151.68°E 18.60°N
CIMARON25OCT-07NOV142.46°E 11.42°N
DURIAN24NOV-05DEC149.60°E 5.83°N
2007YUTU15MAY-22MAY146.62°E 7.60°N
MAN-YI06JUL-16JUL148.11°E 4.05°N
USAGI27JUL-04AUG153.17°E 18.03°N
SEPAT11AUG-19AUG135.91°E 18.32°N
FITOW31AUG-07SEP152.88°E 27.89°N
NARI11SEP-17SEP139.48°E 18.03°N
WIPHA14SEP-20SEP134.12°E 16.04°N
KROSA01OCT-08OCT130.84°E 16.90°N
2008NARI16AUG-23AUG146.61°E 13.08°N
SINLAKU07SEP-21SEP127.37°E 15.58°N
HAGUPIT17SEP-24SEP142.59°E 17.23°N
JANGMI23SEP-01OCT139.43°E 11.39°N