Mean Wind Fields QuikSCAT data including surface stress

QuikSCAT surface wind data are given on 0.5 degree grid with daily frequency. Besides surface ocean winds the surface wind stress, divergence and horizontal curl of surface stress are provided as well. Statistical interpolation was employed to fill in the spatial gaps in the satellite coverage. The data originated from Ifremer/CERSAT.

surface wind speed (m/s), U wind (m/s), V wind (m/s), surface wind stress (Pa), zonal surface wind stress (Pa), meridional surface wind stress (Pa), horizontal surface wind divergence (1/s), horizonal wind stress curl (Pa/m)
ZonalGlobal by 0.5 deg
MeridionalGlobal by 0.5 deg
TemporalJul 1999 to Nov 2009 by 1 day(s)
Static? yes
Volume48 Gb
AcquiredNovember, 2009
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SupplementsQuikSCAT Scatterometer Mean Wind Fields Products User Manual