Daily QuikSCAT (ascending, descending pass)

Daily gridded QuikSCAT (ascending and descending passes) sea surface wind

The microwave scaterometer (QuikSCAT) flown on QuikBird satellite measures back scatter radiation in Ku-band (~ 14 GHz). The return signal power is proportional to surface stress over the ocean and that can be related to surface wind vector (u and v components) at 10 m height assuming neutral stratification. The daily data consist of two passes a day, ascending and descending pass. In addition to wind vector data, times (minutes of UTC) of measurements are provided. The data are remapped to 1/4 degree lat/lon map for ascending and descending passes.

Original data as processed by Remote Sensing System were obtained from www.ssmi.com site. If you use the data please cite: "QuikScat data are produced by Remote Sensing Systems and sponsored by the NASA Ocean Vector Winds Science Team. Data are available at www.remss.com."

time (UT minute), u-wind at 10 m (m/s), v-wind at 10 m (m/s)
ZonalGlobal by 0.25 deg
MeridionalGlobal by 0.25 deg
TemporalJul 1999 to Oct 2009 by 1 day(s)
Static? yes
Volume87 Gb
AcquiredNov 2, 2009
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