Pacific Islands Interpolated Monthly Rainfall from PACRAIN

The Comprehensive Pacific Rainfall Data Base (PACRAIN) was developed under a research grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)'s Office of Global Programs (OGP). The PACRAIN project has been supplemented by an extensive collection of rainfall data from schools across the Pacific in the Schools of the Pacific Rainfall Climate Experiment (SPaRCE). Each participating school is sent a rain gauge, instructional manuals and videotapes, and data sheets. Students at the schools record daily rainfall measurements and return the forms to the University of Oklahoma, where they are entered as a part of the PACRAIN database. Additional data analysis and quality-assurance technique development are provided by the Environmental Verification and Analysis Center (EVAC), located at the University of Oklahoma.

This Experimental NetCDF 0.25-degree sea level monthly rainfall estimates for the period January 1941 through Apr 2017. These estimates are derived entirely from 'atoll' station rains to avoid orographically-induced variability. Data prior to 1941 are too sparse to meet interpolation criteria.


Cook, W.E. and J.S. Greene, 2017: Gridded Historical Sea-level Rainfall for the Tropical Pacific. Submitted for review Oct. 2017 to J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol.

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monthly rainfall (mm)
lower quartile rain (mm)
upper quartile rain (mm)
kriging variance of sqrt-transformed rain (mm)
Zonal 120°E to 270°E by 0.25 deg
Meridional 45°S to 28°N by 0.25 deg
Temporal Jan 1930 to Sep 2017 by 1 month
Volume 2.5 GB
Acquired Aug 1, 2017 (Updated Dec 2017)
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