OFES Hindcast 0.5deg

Reduced resolution (0.5 degree) OFES output, interannual forcing for 50+ years.

The OGCM For the Earth Simulator (OFES) is a global 0.1x0.1 degree model forced by NCEP winds, but the output was sub-sampled at 0.5-degree resolution (note, every fifth point was taken, not a mean over five points). This output is from a 50+ year integration using interannually varying winds.

ocean velocity (u, v and w; cm/s), temperature (C), salinity ((psu-35)/1000),
ZonalGlobal by 0.5 deg
MeridionalGlobal by 0.5 deg
Vertical 2.5 to 5900m 
TemporalJan 1950 to Dec 2006 by 1 month(s), (w avail. 1950-2004)
Volume46.6 MB per variable per month
AcquiredMar 4, 2004 (updated Feb 2008)
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