OFES NCEP forced hindcast 0.1 deg monthly mean

Full resolution (0.1 degree) OFES output, interannual forcing for 50+ years.

The OGCM For the Earth Simulator (OFES) is a global 0.1x0.1 degree model forced by NCEP winds. This output is from a 50+ year integration using interannually varying winds.

If you use the OFES output, please acknowledge: "The OFES simulation was conducted on the Earth Simulator under the support of JAMSTEC." And please include these


Masumoto, Y., H. Sasaki, T. Kagimoto, N. Komori, A. Ishida, Y. Sasai, T. Miyama, T. Motoi, H. Mitsudera, K. Takahashi, H. Sakuma and T. Yamagata (2004): A fifty-year eddy-resolving simulation of the world ocean: Preliminary outcomes of OFES (OGCM for the Earth Simulator). J. Earth Simulator, 1, 35-56.

Sasai, Y., A. Ishida, Y. Yamanaka, and H. Sasaki (2004), Chlorofluorocarbons in a global ocean eddy-resolving OGCM: Pathway and formation of Antarctic Bottom Water. Geophys. Res. Lett., 31(12), L12305, doi:10.1029/2004GL019895.

Sasaki, H., Y. Sasai, S. Kawahara, M. Furuichi, F. Araki, A. Ishida, Y. Yamanaka, Y. Masumoto, and H. Sakuma (2004), A series of eddy-resolving ocean simulations in the world ocean: OFES (OGCM for the Earth Simulator) project, OCEAN'04, 3, pp.1535-1541.

Sasaki, H., M. Nonaka, Y. Masumoto, Y. Sasai, H. Uehara, and H. Sakuma, An eddy-resolving hindcast simulation of the quasi-global ocean from 1950 to 2003 on the Earth Simulator, in High resolution numerical modelling of the atmosphere and ocean, Ed. W. Ohfuchi and K. Hamilton, Springer, New York, 2008. 157-185.

Note: 2015-2016 data are restricted for IPRC use only.

2D: sea surface temperature (°C), free surface (cm), boundary layer height (cm), mixed layer depth (cm), surface fresh water flux (g/cm/s2), wind stress (taux and tauy; dyn/cm2), horizontal convergence (cm/s);
3D: cfc11, temperature (°C), salinity, zonal velocity (cm/sec), meridional velocity (cm/sec), verical velocity (cm/sec)
ZonalGlobal by 0.1 deg
MeridionalGlobal by 0.1 deg
Vertical2D: Surface  3D: 54 levels (2.5-5900m)
Temporal Jan 1950 to Dec 2014 by 1 month [public]
Jan 1950 to Dec 2016 by 1 month [IPRC users]
Volume2D: 194 MB per variable per month; 3D: 1.17 GB per variable per month
Acquired December 2009 (Updated March 2017)
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