Climatological 0.1deg Tropical (1 day)

Heat budget terms for climatological run, daily snapshots at full resolution for one year.

The OGCM For the Earth Simulator (OFES) is a global 0.1x0.1 degree model forced by climatological NCEP winds. This output is from a 50+ year integration using climatological winds and includes one year at a daily interval.

u(cm/s), v(cm/s), w(cm/s), T(degC), s(psu*1000+35), advective terms, diffusion terms, sources, sea level, heat flux(cal/cm2/s), wind stress(dyn/cm2)
ZonalGlobal by 0.1 deg
Meridional21S to 21N by 0.1 deg
Vertical to by m 
TemporalJan Climatology to Dec Climatology by 1 day(s)
Volume4.36 GB per day, 365 days
AcquiredApr 21, 2008
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