Climatological 0.1 deg global 1-day

Full resolution (0.1 degree) OFES output, climatological forcing, eight years of integration

The OGCM For the Earth Simulator (OFES) is a global 0.1x0.1 degree model forced by climatological NCEP winds. It was run with climatological forcing for 50 years, and this output is daily for the last eight years. This model is based on MOM-3.0.

ocean velocity (u, v and w; cm/s), temperature (C), salinity ((psu-35)/1000), cfc-11, cfc-12
Zonalglobal by 0.1 deg
Meridional74.95S to 74.95N by 0.1 deg
Vertical 2.5 to 5900m, 54 levels
TemporalJan 90 to Dec 97 by 1 day
Volume1166 MB per day (54 levels) per variable
AcquiredJun 27, 2008
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