MODIS Aqua Ocean Color (Chlorophyll-a Concentration)

The NASA Aqua satellite contains the MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectro- radiometer) sensor that is used for detecting chlorophyll-a concentrations (ocean color) in the world's oceans, among other applications. The Level 3 standard mapped image (SMI) chlorophyll-a dataset has a monthly temporal resolution and 4.6 km (at the equator) spatial resolution. The SMI dataset is an image representation of binned MODIS data (more detailed information on the SMI format can be found at

Chlorophyll-a Concentration (mg m^-3)
Zonal Global by 0.05 deg
Meridional Global by 0.05 deg
Vertical Surface  
Temporal Jul 2002 to present by 1 month [Monthly]
Static? no
Volume 48GB
Server public:
Acquired Oct 18, 2013 (Updated Apr 2019)
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