MODIS Aqua Level 3 Thermal IR Monthly 4km/9km

The MODIS Aqua and Terra Global Level 3 Mapped Thermal and Mid-IR SST product consists of sea surface temperature (SST) data that are derived from the NASA MODIS sensor on board the Aqua and Terra satellites. SST is derived from the 11 and 12 um thermal IR infrared (IR) bands (MODIS channels 31 and 32) and the 3 and 4 mid-IR bands (MODIS channels 20,21,22 and 23). The data have been mapped to a cylindrical equidistant map projection with 4.63 or 9.26 km spatial bins.


Walton, C.C., W. G. Pichel, and J.F. Sapper, 1998, The development and operational application of nonlinear algorithms for the measurement of sea surface temperatures with the NOAA polar-orbiting environmental satellites, Journal of Geophysical Research, 103: (C12) 27999-28012.

Brown, O.B., and P.J. Minnett, 1999, MODIS Infrared Sea Surface Temperature Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document, Ver 2.0,

Sea surface temperature (degC) at day time, night time, sst4 (4um)
Quality flags
Zonal Global by 0.0417 deg (4km), by 0.0833 deg (9km)
Meridional Global by 0.0417 deg (4km), by 0.0833 deg (9km)
Temporal Jul 2002 to Sep 2023 by 1 month
Acquired Oct 29, 2015 (Updated September 2023)
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