Hawaii Atmospheric Model

Atmospheric model results (MM5) for Kauai domain

The MM5 atmospheric model is run at the UH by Dave Chen as a research activity. Please acquire 's approval before using his output. Output is saved at different resolutions for several subdomains of the Hawaiian Islands.

In August 2010, the complete 2004-2008 output became available.

accum conv pcn (cm), accum non-c pcn (cm), 2 m temperature (K), 2m mix ratio (kg/kg), 10 m u wind (m/sec), 10 m v wind (m/sec), u wind (m/s), v wind (m/s), vertical vel (m/s), temperature (C), mixing ratio (kg/kg), cloud water (kg/kg), rain water (kg/kg), geopot height (m), dewpoint temp (C), rel humidity (%)
Zonal159.9W to 159.2W by 750 m
Meridional21.8N to 22.3N by 750 m
Vertical to by mbar 
TemporalDec 2003 to current by 3 hour(s) (updated daily)
Volume1.89 MB per day
AcquiredAug 1, 2006 (updated daily; 2004-2008 updated in Aug 2010)
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