Monthly ISCCP_D2 satellite cloud data

This dataset contains some monthly mean parameters from the International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP) D2 dataset.

Mean cloud amount (%); Mean cloud top pressure (millibar); Mean cloud top temperature; (K); Mean cloud optical thickness ( none); Mean cloud water path (g/m**2); Mean middle cloud amount (%); Mean high cloud amount (%) and Mean low cloud amount (%).
ZonalGlobal by 2.5 deg
MeridionalGlobal by 2.5 deg
Verticalone level  
TemporalJul 1983 to Sep 2001 by 1 month(s)
Volume72.7MB for all months
Server public:
AcquiredApr 10, 2005
APDRC contactYongsheng Zhang