Ifremer 6-hourly Long Time Series Satellite Surface Wind Analyses

Multi-Sensor (Scatterometers and Radiometers) Blended High-Resolution Sea Surface Wind over Global Ocean in 0.25° Geographical Grid

New global ocean high space and time resolution of sea surface wind analyses are calculated based on the use of various remotely sensed wind observations. The wind retrievals (equivalent neutral wind velocities at 10m) from scatterometer missions since 1992 have been used to build up a 25 years atmospheric climate series. Spatial and temporal objective method based on kriging method has been applied to provide continuously surface wind speed and direction estimates over the global ocean on a regular grid in space and time. The associated parameters such as wind stress amplitude and components, wind vector and stress divergence, and wind vector and stress curls are also provided. The use of ancillary data sources such as radiometer data (SSM/I, SSMIS, WindSat) and atmospheric wind reanalyzes (ERA-Interim) has allowed building a blended product available at 1/4deg spatial resolution and every 6 hours from 1992 to 2016. The remotely sensed data are provided by IFREMER (ERS-1 and ERS-2), NASA/JPL (QuikSCAT), EUMETSAT OSI SAF (ASCAT-A, ASCAT-B), from Remote Sensing System (SSM/I SSMIS, and WindSat). The NWP re-analysis is from ECMWF. The accuracy of the resulting wind analyses in determined trough comprehensive comparisons with 6-hourly averaged winds derived from mooring buoy measurements. Buoy and satellite wind estimates compare well with root mean square difference lower than 1.20m/s and 20deg for wind speed and direction

wind speed (m/s)
eastward wind speed (m/s)
northward wind speed (m/s)
wind vector curl (s-1)
wind vector divergence (s-1)
wind stress (Pa)
eastward wind stress (Pa)
northward wind stress (Pa)
wind stress curl (0.1 N/m3)
wind stress divergence (0.1 N/m3)
land ice mask (m/s)
wind speed root mean square (m/s)
eastward wind root mean square (m/s)
northward wind root mean square (m/s)
sampling length
Zonal Global by 0.25 deg
Meridional Global by 0.25 deg
Vertical Surface
Temporal Mar 1, 1992 to Dec 31, 2016 by 6 hours
Static? yes
Volume ~8.5MB / day
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Source http://www.ifremer.fr/datavore/exp/dvor/#/merginator/BlendedWindAnalysis
Acquired June 28, 2017
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