GODAE/FNMOC Daily In-Situ Profile

USGODAE/FNMOC PROFILE - Fixed/drifting buoy, bathy, and PALACE float data

Observational data from the FNMOC Ocean QC process are posted in near real-time to the USGODAE server. These files contain all of the unclassified in-situ data used to initialize the US Navy NOGAPS model, and all of the climate and background (forecast) values used in the QC process.
Profile - temperature and salinity climate profiles and climate variability products are now from GDEM 3.0, the Navy standard data base (global, 0.25 deg resolution, monthly files with 76 vertical levels).

Salinity (psu) and Temperature (°C)
ZonalGlobal by varies
MeridionalGlobal by varies
Vertical varies
Temporal Sep 1, 1998 to Sep 30, 2017
Volume Salinity
arctic: 197,019 profiles
atlantic: 10,026,016 profiles
atlantic2: 2,639,081 profiles
indian: 535,055 profiles
pacific: 5,837,081 profiles
pacific2: 2,572,089 profiles
southern: 119,832 profiles
year 2017: 1,746,730 profiles
arctic: 268,339 profiles
atlantic: 12,461,425 profiles
atlantic2: 3,518,115 profiles
indian: 1,046,318 profiles
pacific: 7,134,113 profiles
pacific2: 2,898,455 profiles
southern: 128,922 profiles
year 2017: 2,206,846 profiles
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Acquired Jan 1, 2004 (Updated Oct 2017)
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