ECCO-V4r3 interpolated monthly model output

NASA JPL ECCO-V4r3 model output

Version 4 is the first multi-decadal ECCO estimate that is truly global, including the Arctic Ocean. The Release 3 edition includes improvements in time-period (1992-2015), model (e.g., sea-ice), observations (e.g., GRACE, Aquarius), and constraints (e.g., correlated errors).

The model that is used to produce v4r3 is MITgcm version checkpoint66g. Wang (2017) gives a detailed description about how to download the code, data, and any needed auxiliary files to reproduce v4r3.

Output provided here contains the monthly model fields interpolated onto a regular lat-lon grid with 0.5 degree resolution in both directions.


As a condition of using this product, you must cite the use of this product using the following citations.
Fukumori, I., O. Wang, I. Fenty, G. Forget, P. Heimbach, and R. M. Ponte, 2017: ECCO Version 4 Release 3, doi:1721.1/110380.

Forget, G., J.-M. Campin, P. Heimbach, C. N. Hill, R. M. Ponte, and C. Wunsch, 2015: ECCO version 4: an integrated framework for non-linear inverse modeling and global ocean state estimation. Geoscientific Model Development, 8, 3071-3104, doi:10.5194/gmd-8-3071-2015

For more information please see: README and documents.


Vertical Advective Flux of Salinity (psu.m^3/s), Vertical Advective Flux of Pot.Temperature (degC.m^3/s), Vertical Diffusive Flux of Salinity (Explicit part) (psu.m^3/s), Vertical Diffusive Flux of Pot.Temperature (Explicit part) (degC.m^3/s), Vertical Diffusive Flux of Salinity (Implicit part) (psu.m^3/s), Vertical Diffusive Flux of Pot.Temperature (Implicit part) (degC.m^3/s), Stratification: d.Sigma/dr (kg/m3/m), Free Surface Height Anomaly (Ocean-Ice Interface) (m), East-West Comp. of Velocity (m/s), East-West Geometry-Weighted Comp of Velocity (m/s), East-West Comp. of Bolus Velocity (m/s), Mixed-Layer Depth (>0) (m), North-South Comp. of Velocity (m/s), North-South Geometry-Weighted Comp of Velocity (m/s), North-South Comp. of Bolus Velocity (m/s), Ocean Bottom Pressure adjusted with global steric height change (m), net surface Fresh-Water flux into the ocean (+=down), >0 decreases salinity (kg/m^2/s), net surface heat flux into the ocean (+=down), >0 increases theta (W/m^2), net Short-Wave radiation (+=down), >0 increases theta (W/m^2), net surface Salt flux rejected into the ocean during freezing, (+=down) (g/m^2/s), salt tendency due to salt plume flux >0 increases salinity (g/m^2/s), Eastward Comp. surface wind stress, >0 increases EVel (N/m^2), Northward Comp. surface wind stress, >0 increases NVel (N/m^2), Bottom Pressure Pot.(p/rhoConst) Anomaly (m^2/s^2) w.r.t. the product of gravity and ocean bottom depth. RhoConst is a constant density of 1029 kg/m^3 and gravity 9.81 m/s^2., Hydrostatic Pressure Pot.(p/rho) Anomaly (m^2/s^2), Density Anomaly (=Rho-rhoConst) (kg/m^3), Salinity (psu), total salt flux (match salt-content variations), >0 increases salt (g/m^2/s), SEAICE fractional ice-covered area [0 to 1] (m^2/m^2), Net freshwater flux from atmosphere & land (+=down) (kg/m^2/s), Net atmospheric heat flux, >0 decreases theta (W/m^2), SEAICE loading (in Mass of ice+snow / area unit) (kg/m^2), SEAICE effective ice thickness (m), SEAICE effective snow thickness (m), Snow precip. (+=dw) over Sea-Ice (area weighted) (kg/m^2/s), Surface Height Anomaly adjusted with global steric height change and sea-ice load (m), total heat flux (match heat-content variations), >0 increases theta (W/m^2), Potential Temperature (degC), Vertical Comp of Velocity (m/s), Vertical Comp of Bolus Velocity (m/s)
Zonal Global by 0.5 deg
Meridional Global by 0.5 deg
Vertical 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75.005, 85.025, 95.095, 105.31, 115.87, 127.15, 139.74, 154.47, 172.4, 194.735, 222.71, 257.47, 299.93, 350.68, 409.93, 477.47, 552.71, 634.735, 722.4, 814.47, 909.74, 1007.155, 1105.905, 1205.535, 1306.205, 1409.15, 1517.095, 1634.175, 1765.135, 1914.15, 2084.035, 2276.225, 2491.25, 2729.25, 2990.25, 3274.25, 3581.25, 3911.25, 4264.25, 4640.25, 5039.25, 5461.25, 5906.25 m  
Temporal 3d: Jan 1992 to Dec 2015 monthly
Static? no
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