ECBilt-CLIO control simulation

1,000 year long ECBilt-CLIO control simulation.

The Earth system model of intermediate complexity LOVECLIM (former versions were called 'ECBilt-CLIO')
The control run has been integrated for 2000 model years starting from a default pre-industrial control run that is provided with the standard installation package of LOVECLIM.
Note that we used an older version of LOVECLIM with only the atmosphere ECBilt and the ocean-sea ice component (CLIO) active (ECBilt-CLIO). Greenhouse gases were set to pre-industrial values (CO2=280ppmv, CH4=700ppbv, N2O=200ppbv), orbital parameters are set to present day (AD 1950) with a solar constant of 1365W/m^2. Topography and albedo and forest fraction are prescribed in the default present day condition (AD 1990).

The APDRC archived the last 1000 model years, which are close to an equilibrium state.

Atm. variables: temperature [C], precipitation [cm/yr], snow fall[ cm/yr], evaporation[ cm/yr], E-P [cm/yr], heat flux [W/m^2], solar & thermal radiation [W/m^2], surface & planetary albedo [%], bottom moisture [m], snow depth over land [m], sea ice thickness [m], surface runoff over land and ocean [cm/yr], specific and relative humidity [kg/kg], total cloud cover, wind [m/s], stream function [m^2/s], velocity potential [m^2/s], quasi-geostrophic potential vorticity [1/s], geopotential height [m^2/s^2]
Ocean variables: velocity [m/s], temperature [K], salinity, ice thickness and production [m], lead fraction [%], oceanic flux at the ice base [cm/yr], ice velocity [m/s], SST, SSS, ocean velocity [0-100m] [m/s], thickness of mixed layer [m], thickness of convective layer [m], total heat flux at ocean surface [W/m^2], freshwater flux at ocean surface [cm/yr], max slope (G-M parameterization) [m/m]
ZonalGlobal by varies
MeridionalGlobal by varies
VerticalSurface; air temperature: 100, 350, 650, 1000 millibar; u, v, psi, chi, qgpv, geopg: 200, 500, 800 millibar; ocean t, s, u, v: 5126.18,4385.22, 3661.11, 2963.25, 2307.36, 1717.9, 1225.11, 850.19, 588.88, 415.07, 299.26, 219.86, 163.28, 121.52, 89.75, 64.96, 45.2, 29.17, 15.98, 5 meters  
Temporal1,000 to 1 years BP
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AcquiredFeb 11, 2008
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