CMIP5 model output

CMIP5 variables on a uniform latitude-longitude grid

Regridding was performed on several CMIP5 ocean variables to transform them from their native curvilinear ocean model grids onto a fixed 1 by 1 latitude-longitude grid. The bilinear interpolation method was used. Several atmospheric variables are also included.

Ocean variables: Primary Organic Carbon Production by All Types of Phytoplankton (intpp) [mol m-2 s-1], Ocean Mixed Layer Thickness Defined by Sigma T (mlotst) [m], Sea Surface Salinity (sos) [psu], Sea Surface Temperature (tos) [K], Surface Sea Water X Velocity (uo_surface) [m s-1], Surface Sea Water Y Velocity (vo_surface) [m s-1], Sea Surface Height Above Geoid(zos) [m];
Atmosperic variables: Surface Downward X Stress (tauu) [Nm-2], Surface Downward Y Stress (tauv) [Nm-2], Precipitation at surface; includes both liquid and solid phases from all types of clouds (both large-scale and convective) (pr) [kg m-2 s-1], Sea Level Pressure (psl) [Pa], Near-Surface Air Temperature (tas) [K], Eastward Near-Surface Wind Speed (uas) [m/s], Northward Near-Surface Wind Speed (vas) [m/s], Geopotential Height (zg) [m]
Zonal Global by 1 deg
Meridional Global by 1 deg
Vertical Surface or near surface  
Temporal monthly (Historical, RCP4.5, RCP8.5 experiments)
Static? yes
Volume 259kb / variable / month
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Source Earth System Grid Federation
Acquired Jan 1, 2015
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