Hawaiian Islands Tidal Flows

Simulated baroclinic tidal velocities around the Hawaiian Islands

Eight tidal harmonics are used to compute the baroclinic and barotropic tides around the Hawaiian Islands. The harmonics are based on climatological mean stratification (T/s) and are computed at several depths. The resulting velocity is computed on a hourly interval at the surface, subsurface and bottom for 2 regions (Big Island and main NW islands).

Reference: Carter, G. S., M. A. Merrifield, J. Becker, K. Katsumata, M. C. Gregg, and Y. L. Firing (2007), Energetics of M2 Barotropic and Baroclinic tidal conversion at the Hawaiian Islands, Journal of Physical Oceanography, Submitted.

Note: This product is intended for research use and should not be considered operational.

SSH [m], U [m/s], V [m/s], Tidal harmonics (M2, S2, N2, K2, K1, O1, P1, Q1) amplitude [m/s] and phase
ZonalBig Island (156.73W to 154.01W); Main NW islands (160.69W to 155.49W) by 0.01 deg
MeridionalBig Island (18.13N to 20.33N); Main NW islands (20.48N to 22.89N) by 0.01 deg
Verticalsurface, mid-depth, bottom  
Temporal Oct 1, 2007 to Dec 31, 2027 by 1 hour(s)
Volumeharmonics (176MB), velocities & ssh (45GB/year)
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