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About the Hawaiian Archipelago Website

This Hawaiian Archipelago Integrated Information Website serves as a comprehensive resource and clearing-house for weather and climate information.

The web site includes summary information on a wide variety of local conditions that are of interest to both the general public and managers who require synthesized data for public policy decision making. The site therefore includes data, links to data providers, links to local groups, etc., in an organized context. The web site identifies the main groups, affiliations and agencies conducting work in the Hawaiian region. Users of the website, therefore, are envisioned to include policy/decision makers, local civil management (e.g., civil defense, etc.) and the general public. However, the nature of the web site also makes it useful for scientific researchers.

The website serves as a Pilot Project for a Pacific Region Integrated Data Enterprise (PRIDE) Website and as a paradigm for any of the US-flag island regions in the Pacific.

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